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Your thoughts aren't passive
No, so aggressive
Give your emotions a vent
In your soft body
You're so helpless
Need aid to make you rough

So you cut this guy off
He slams his brakes on
As you move in front
He honks in protest
Pulls a gun out
And aims it at your head

Time dilates as the muzzle flashes obscenely. The sound of the blast assaults your ears as the bullet breezes through the open window and impacts the other side. You brake furiously and drift uncontrollably as the shower of glass fragments touches your awareness. They spew out onto the road, glittering in the sun like precious stones.

You stare numbly
Out the windshield
The ring in ears fade slow
And the assailant
Hazed by distance
Moves on in victory

"Another shooting occurred on our freeways today. That brings the count up to twelve in the past two weeks. Luckily the driver sustained only minor injuries. The suspect is still at large. The incident happened..."