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The signpost moves into range
My eyes cut through the haze
Reflective on a pale green back
"Ammo, next right" it claims

45's at roadside stands
And bullets by the box
Howitzers and sub-machine guns
Help to thin the plot

Let's go in for the quick kill
Let's smile at the barrel that smokes
Highway justice time has come
There's no more moving slow

Caller: I killed him out by the highway and dumped his body out in the desert off "I10" between Blythe and Indio. Only the carrion would find him for long. Driving into the sunrise, my mind fell back to "the moment". One firm squeeze was all it took to blow him away; end his days. The recoil jerked my arm and reverberated through my bones, down through my feet and into the ground. It connected me to the Earth as the patterns of force emanated from me and thinned into the planet. I was almost sure that I had felt the vibration of his fall as his form thumped to the ground.

Heart beats faster
in disaster
when there's stress and dread

Eyes flick sideways
rear view highways
should have stayed in bed

Happens daily
smiling vainly
News reporter said