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You move with the grace
of steel and concrete
the Castles and Keeps

They huddle together
as if they're afraid
their glory will wane

The silver and stone
deceptors of eyes
to claim they're alive

What do
You do

When you
Find that

Your life
Is rough

And you
See that

You're not
Tough enough?

Is there something you can't find?
Would you chance a look inside?
An inventory of the mind.
Examining your mental tide.

Would you like to be
Mister Hollywood?

Would you like to drive
A Porsche if you could?

Stepping on your friends
Would it make you sorry?

Would it bother you
To kill for a Ferrari?

(I don't think so)

Do you still see me by the side of the road?
While that sly grin paints your face
Abrasive are the cold thoughts
The daylight fades away

The backbone is unequalled
The spirit stands alone
No need for friends to lean on
Let no emotions show

Your armor plate is cracking
Begins to rust and fade
Like yesterday's companion
The Ending of the Day