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The hum of steel
Beneath those feet

Rushing wind flows
Through the crack

Leaving strands
(in disarray)

Traffic slows and
Traffic flows

In four lanes
Side by side

A shimmering blonde
Jets past you side

You're straining to
Catch up

Traffic slowing
Blood is flowing

Her exit's
Coming up!...sigh...(what to do?)

You passed a Porsche
Three miles back

His motor's gaining stride

When he passes
You sit back

And contemplate the drive

What do you do
If gas flow fails?

Or if your tires explode?

(You'll slide sideways and die of course!)

Caller: The theological implications are obvious. When someone shouts "Go", what other choice do you have but to stand in his way and respond "It is against my religion."
But then again, you may choose to fall back into the fiery pits of hell and reconcile yourself to the fact that you're only really a fool and nothing more than that.

Danny Brilliant:Whoa!

Can you still see me?
Standing by the road? (I hope so)

Consider your position
For a moment or so

Can you still tell
While your ulcers bleed

How you're feeling now?

Brakes are squealing
Now you're feeling

The traffic's running down