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The ground mist clears,
The mind fog sets.
And he hears,
The roar of jets.

Steering wheel fades,
Replaced with stick.
Orbit is made,
Vectors to pick.

Houston Control,
Calling him in.
Performing a roll,
In chariots of tin.

Calls into base,
Tells them good-bye.
Heads into space,
And out of the sky.

Stars look so cold,
Pinpoints so bright.
Rulers of old,
The realm of the night.

Brakelights flash on,
In front of his face.
The image is gone,
Of cold outer space.

Danny Brilliant: Yeah, when spaceships explode, you know we've got problems. I think that it may be a sign of the times. Like technology's revenge. Ya know?

Caller: Well, what about TV? I mean it's one of the most useful pieces of technology around, right? I mean, it's great!

Danny Brilliant: hmm...brainwashing. hmm...